Exterior Detailing and Polishing That Comes to You

Basic Hand Wash- Buffing and Waxing-To Paint Correction and Scratch Removal

Complete Exterior Detail-39.99$(Any Car Size)

-24 point hand wash

-Deep wheel cleaning

-Door jambs cleaned ✅

-Tire Shine

-3 Month Ceramic/Wax Coating ✅

(Wash is performed with 2-Bucket Method)

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Buffing and Wax

Waxing a Car is a In-Depth Procedure That Greatly Enhances a Car's Shine and Hides Scratches Below is Our Waxing Products and How They are Used.

Carnuba Wax

Most Common Wax and is Used By Most of The Industry-We Use this Wax on Basic Washes at the End in the Application Process in Order To Give The Car a Deep Shine

Si02 Ceramic Wax Coating

This is a Somewhat New Product to the Industry and Has Made Some Big Changes. This Wax Infused with Ceramic Lasts Much Longer than Traditional Wax and Has a Deeper and Longer Lasting Shine. We Use this Coating on Higher-End Details and Washes.

Car detailing

Exterior ENHANCEMENT Detail 129.99 Sedan 169.99 SUV

-Car Recieves 3 Stage Wash (Prep)(Contact)(Rinse)

-Wheels are Deep Cleaned

-Wheel Wells are Deep Cleaned

-Door Jambs

-Iron Decon and Clay Bar Treatment


-Tire Shine

-Plastic Conditioner and Enhancement


-12 Month/1YR Ceramic Wax Coating on Glass,Paint,and Plastic

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car detailing

Polishing & Paint Coreection 

Polioshing is a Skill That Takes Many Years to Master and is A Highly Valued Skill- Below are Some Options for Polishing-

1 Stage Paint Coreection 

Paint Recieves our Exterior Detail+Iron Decontamination and is then Polished. 75%  IMPROVMENT in Clearcoat

2 Stage Paint Correction 

Paint Recieves Same Process as 1 Stage Correction but Also Gets a Cut Stage and then a Final Polish Stage 90%IMPROVEMENT in Clearcoat

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car detailing

Scratch Removal/Paint Correction

Scratch Removal is Very Similar to Polishing as Both Remove Scratches From The Paint, However Scratch Removal Removes Real Scratches That Are Past The Clear Coat With the Use of Touch-Up Paint. 

Paint Correction is the Clearing of The Clearcoat Through Polishing. This is a Extensive Process Which Requires a Big Skill Set In Order to Perform.

Car detailing

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Detail Process

Each Car Recieves a Deep and Thorough Cleaning and is Treated With The Upmost respesct 

We Pride Ourselves on Using the Proper Techniques such as- 2 Buckey Method-Air Drying the Vehicle-Top Tier Products.


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Revitalize your vehicle's exterior brilliance with "The Shine Mechanic," your trusted source for top-tier exterior detail and polishing services. At The Shine Mechanic, we specialize in bringing out the true beauty of your car, enhancing its curb appeal with precision and care. Our skilled team utilizes advanced techniques and premium products to provide a comprehensive exterior detailing experience. From meticulous washing to professional polishing, we focus on every detail to ensure your vehicle radiates a showroom-worthy shine. Serving our customers with a commitment to excellence, The Shine Mechanic is your go-to destination for unparalleled exterior detailing and polishing. Give your car the attention it deserves and schedule your appointment now for a transformative experience that will leave your vehicle gleaming.