Car Detailing Lincoln Rhode Island 

Welcome to The Shine Mechanic, your premier destination for top-notch car detailing services in Lincoln, Rhode Island. At The Shine Mechanic, we take pride in transforming your vehicle into a dazzling masterpiece, both inside and out.

Explore our range of expert services tailored to meet the unique needs of your car. Our Interior Detailing services focus on restoring the beauty of your car's inside, ensuring a clean and comfortable driving experience. For those looking to enhance their car's exterior, our detailing and car wash polishing services (Exterior Detailing & Polishing) will leave your vehicle gleaming and protected.

Looking for long-lasting protection for your car's paint? Discover our ceramic coat packages (Ceramic Coat & Detailing Packages), providing a durable shield against the elements, maintaining that showroom shine for years to come.

Visit our website at The Shine Mechanic Website to learn more about our services and book your appointment today. Trust The Shine Mechanic to bring out the best in your car, making it shine like never before.


Customer Reviews 

At The Shine Mechanic, customer satisfaction is our priority. Read what our satisfied clients have to say in Customer Reviews. We value the trust our clients place in us and strive to exceed expectations with every detailing job.

"Interior detailing removed stains from back seats & made smell like it was from dealer! Love local!

Ordell Leuchwager

Packages We Offer!


Our Detailing Packages 

Shine Standard Package-199.99$-A Complete Interior-Exterior Detail That Includes... 

-Leather, Vinyl, Carpet, Glass, Plastic Cleaned ✅

-Interior Goes Through our AGITATION-REMOVAL Process on Carpet, Plastic,Leather,Vinyl ✅

-Car Recieves our Odor Removal Spray that Greatly ENHANCES Smell of Car ✅ 


-24 Point Hand Wash ✅

-Deep Wheel Cleaning ✅

-Wheel Wells are Cleaned ✅

-12-16 WEEK Ceramic Wax is Applied that PROTECTS Paint From Enviromental Damage ✅




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car detailing Lincoln Rhode island

Shine Gold Package-A Enhanced Detailing of Both Interior-Exterior Which Includes... 

-Interior Cleaned of Dust and Dirt-Leather-Carpet-Vinyl-Plastic-Glass (Everything is Steamed)✅

-Leather is Conditioned ✅

-Carpet is DEEP CLEANED with 3 step Spray-Agitation-Removal Process✅




Outside is Pressure Washed and Receives a 24 Point Hand Wash Which Includes....

-Deep Wheel Cleaning ✅

-Wheel Well Cleaning ✅

-Door Jambs are Cleaned ✅

-IRON DECONTAMINATION and Clay Bar Treatment✅

-1 YEAR CERAMIC WAX COATING (Protects against environmental damage and lowers the need for washes.) ✅


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car detailing Lincoln Rhode Island

Our Service Areas 

Discover exceptional car detailing services in key service areas around Rhode Island with The Shine Mechanic. We extend our expertise to Smithfield, Rhode Island, providing top-notch car detailing services that redefine automotive elegance Car Detailing Smithfield Rhode Island . Trust us to transform your vehicle, inside and out, ensuring a pristine and polished finish that exceeds expectations.

In Providence, Rhode Island, our car detailing services stand out as a testament to quality and professionalism Car Detailing Providence Rhode Island . Experience the ultimate in automotive care as we meticulously enhance both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, leaving it in showroom condition.

Lincoln, RI, is another focal point for The Shine Mechanic's exceptional car detailing services Car Detailing Lincoln Rhode Island . Our skilled team takes pride in delivering a meticulous touch to every detailing job, ensuring your car radiates brilliance wherever you go.

Whether you're in Smithfield, Providence, or Lincoln, The Shine Mechanic is your trusted partner for all your car detailing needs. Visit our service area pages to learn more about the specific offerings in each location and book your appointment today. Drive with confidence, knowing that your vehicle reflects the pinnacle of automotive aesthetics.

We Do All Of Massachusetts and Rhode Island 

Lincoln Car Detailing FAQ

"What Tools and Products Do You Use"

We Use All Different Types Of Products From Micro Brisles to Get Into The Smallest Of Crevices. Specials Products Shipped From Germany That Are Specifically Made To Safley And Effectivley Detail The Exterior & Interior Of Cars

"How Much Do Your Services Cost"

Our Services Are Priced By Level of Quality Work They Provide And The Guarantee Of A Perfect Job Everytime Or Your Money Back!

Don't Believe Us? Check Out Our Reviews!