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Welcome to The Shine Mechanic, where we offer exceptional car detailing and ceramic coating services. As the leading car detailing service Smithfield RI and Providence County, RI, we pride ourselves on delivering nothing but the best for our customers.

Mobile Car Detailing and Paint Correction

We understand that your time is valuable. That's why we offer mobile car detailing near you, providing the convenience of our top-notch services without hassle. Our team has the latest tools and products to ensure your car shines like new. We also offer paint correction, a service designed to restore your car's paint to its original glory.

Ceramic Coating

Protect your vehicle with our high-quality ceramic coating. This advanced coating not only enhances your car's appearance but also provides a long-lasting protective barrier against external elements, keeping your vehicle looking new for longer.

Interior Detailing and Exterior Detailing & Polishing

At The Shine Mechanic, we offer thorough interior detailing and exterior detailing & polishing to ensure your car is in pristine condition inside and out. Our team meticulously cleans every nook and cranny, leaving your car's interior fresh and inviting. Our exterior detailing & polishing services restore the shine and luster of your vehicle, making it a standout on the road.

Trust The Shine Mechanic for all your car detailing needs. We are committed to providing excellent service and results that exceed your expectations. Contact us today to have your vehicle looking brand new. 

Benefits of Mobile Detailing 

Get Your Car Detailed On Your Time!

No Need to Bring Your Car We Come To You !

Make Your Car Look Brand New!

Even Our Most Basic Packages Guarentee a Deep Shine in Paint and Clean Interior

100% Refund If Not Satisfied!

Our 100% Refund Guarentee and Over 20 5 STAR Reviews Makes the Decision A Lot Easier

Services/ What We Do 


Experience a transformative exterior detailing service that rejuvenates every inch of your vehicle, spanning from the fenders to the wheels and every area in between. Our skilled team employs top-tier polishes, eliminating swirl marks, holograms, and paint imperfections. Utilizing cutting-edge tools and premium products from renowned automotive brands, our expert technicians are dedicated to surpassing expectations in restoring your vehicle's exterior allure, regardless of its make or model. Trust us to go the extra mile in bringing back the pristine beauty of your car's exterior.

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From in-depth cleansing to meticulous vacuuming and shampooing, our skilled team is prepared to exert maximum effort in ensuring your car emerges impeccably clean. Armed with cutting-edge tools and methods, we're equipped to handle a range of cleaning tasks, addressing upholstery, carpets, headliners, panels, mats, and beyond. When seeking an interior detailing service that will rejuvenate your vehicle, look no further – The Shine Mechanic Car Cleaning has the expertise to exceed your expectations.

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We Cover All of Rhode Island and Massachuetts!

About us

Hi my name is Martin and I run Shine Mechanic Mobile Detailing! 

Im a resident of Smithfield Rhode Island and I love cars! 

I've been working on cars since the age of 13 and have since then been doing it non stop. 

I'm known for my incredible customer service!

I can confidently say I can take care of you and your car! 


More About Us and Auto Detailing 

Elevate your driving experience with "The Shine Mechanic," your premier destination for exceptional auto detailing in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Our skilled team at The Shine Mechanic is dedicated to bringing out the best in your vehicle, ensuring a level of cleanliness and brilliance that stands out on the roads of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. From meticulous exterior polishing to comprehensive interior detailing, we use state-of-the-art techniques and high-quality products to rejuvenate your car. Conveniently serving car enthusiasts in both states, from Providence to Boston, we take pride in delivering unparalleled shine and protection. Experience automotive perfection with The Shine Mechanic—where every detail matters. Drive with confidence, showcasing a vehicle that reflects your commitment to excellence. Book your appointment now for the ultimate auto detailing service in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

For unparalleled car detailing expertise conveniently "near you" in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, trust "The Shine Mechanic." Our skilled team brings automotive perfection to your doorstep with meticulous detailing services. From comprehensive interior cleaning to precision exterior polishing, The Shine Mechanic ensures your vehicle receives the care it deserves. Serving the entire Rhode Island and Massachusetts region, we redefine convenience and excellence in car detailing. With a commitment to quality that transcends boundaries, our services stand out as a beacon of automotive brilliance. Discover the transformative touch of The Shine Mechanic, where every detail matters. Schedule your appointment now and experience the ultimate in car detailing that leaves your vehicle gleaming with a showroom-worthy finish.


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